Weird problem-iPad won't hold charge after jailbreak

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by Docwood2011, Feb 15, 2011.

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    Feb 15, 2011
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    Summary: Odd problem-jailbroke, iPad now won't hold charge
    I have iPad on 4.2.1, never jailbroken or otherwise
    Modified. No problems ever charging or anything else.
    I jailbroke yesterday, greenpoison rc6, untethered, no
    Problems jus as I have on my iPhone 4. I proceeded to
    Install some basic stuff; winterboard, lockinfo, lastapp,
    Cydia, sbsettings, activator, barrel, nes emulator.

    I plugged iPad into wall charger using full v/w adaptor as
    I always do with my iPad. Next am, charge still at 22%,
    same charge it was night before.

    I have tried changing plugs, adaptors, etc, no change.
    I find it hard to imagine how software hack (ie jailbreak)
    Could effect hardware. Only thing I can think of is jailbreak
    Software effecting display, that is my battery really is charging.
    Unfortunately I can't test this without draining what display says
    Battery is and see if device is still alive, and if not I have no device.


  2. peled

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    If you read through the forum, you may find, that people without JB, also had similar problem. The recommended thing as you already figure out, is to drain the battery, so it will start syncing properly with the %display.
    You may drain it faster, by going to setup, and defining the display to stay on ( with brightness of 100%)

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