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    Hello, new iPad 3 owner here. So far everything has been great with this new device. Just recently I started thinking how cool it would be to be able to route all my traffic across a VPN connection to my home computer, then out to the Internet from there.

    I've searched around some and was able to find some guides on configuring my home PC (Win 7 Pro) to host and accept incoming pptp VPN connections. No problem there, my iPad can make the VPN connection home. The problem is that none of my traffic will route through the VPN connection. I have the 'send all traffic' option enabled.

    It's looking like the problem is on my home computer as I notice the RAS dial-in interface has no network connectivity, and I've been unable to figure out the problem. I'll probably check into a more appropriate forum for those answers.

    Just hoping someone here may have tried to do the same and has some info to help me out.

    I also thought someone may have some input on alternative solutions ( that are known to work ) that will allow me to accomplish the same thing. Are there any free or commercial (not too expensive) VPN software that would allow my iPad to VPN to my home computer, and route all traffic through it, known to be compatible with the iPad? ( not interested in VPN hosting services, I would like the VPN service to be running on my home computer ).

    Edit: or has anyone had luck accomplishing the same with, say, a router that supports VPN, such as one running dd-wrt or similar?

    Thanks for reading
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