Video and Photo Presentations on the fly - Best Way??

Discussion in 'iPad at Work' started by RVA, Jul 18, 2012.

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    Situation: I do marketing and sales presentations of products and concepts on the fly. I need to quickly play from a selection a brief video, or show photo albums of 50 to 100 photos each. I just purchased my first iPad, an iPad 3 with Wi-Fi, no cellular. For the presentations I must be totally self-contained and not depend on Wi-Fi.

    Now that I've read this forum, I may even venture into controlling the presentation from my iPhone via Bluetooth. But first I must create the presentation with options.

    Since I come from a PC environment, I naturally thought all I had to do would be create a directory containing photo files and video files then click on whichever I wanted at the moment. Apparently it is not that simple on a iPad.

    What I cannot have is a situation in which I have to fumble through my iPad to move from item to item or to stumble at all. Ideally I would like a single screen populated with six or eight icons that would each link to either a video or a photo book.

    From this forum I have gathered that I should create a short keynote PowerPoint with embedded video for each of the movies. I can do that.

    1. Is keynote PPT the best way to present each video.
    2. if that is a yes, then can I put photo books in the same directory for selection.
    3. Or, is there a common display such as a "bookshelf" from which I can choose Keynote videos or photo books.
    4. Perhaps there is a much simpler solution that would be the best solution. I already have my videos in the photo stream. I can upload the photo albums to photo stream. Then the problems that that would present as I see them now are as follows.
    A. It seems that I cannot locate albums and videos within another album/directory.
    B. And, in this case, my videos did not carry an image nor a name when I uploaded them. I cannot see a way to name the videos.

    I have been an iPhone user for years. I have followed Apple's business model and very much agree with all that they have done. I would be surprised if they did not already have a "template" devised for this.

    Maybe I have not even approached the best solution. Sometimes the best brainstorming is to ignore all that is been done before. What might you suggest.

    RVA In Maryland

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