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    Jan 7, 2011
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    Hello from the Twin Cities,

    I'm mainly interested in using the iPad as a tool while teaching college mathematics courses:

    - displaying PDF lecture slides through the VGA out. GoodReader seems to work well for this.

    - displaying Mathematica through the VGA out. Expedition is a browser that has VGA support, and I can run Mathematica via Wolfram|Alpha.

    - My laptop would become completely unemployed (except for syncing) if I could compile LaTeX on the iPad. Have read about LatexLab for Google Docs and some remote TeX compilers, but would enjoy hearing about other solutions. Also, would enjoy hearing folks' experiences with ssh and Dropbox (of course, I'll search the forum for these things).

    Aside from all that, I'm interested in seeing what this thing can do, especially in conjunction with our iPod touch, iPhones, Mac laptops, etc. I've been a steady user of Apple products since my parents' chugging Apple //c, and the Apple IIGS they got me instead of a Macintosh, because it had a color screen.
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    another thing you could try is using a remote desktop application with your computer at the college? A workaround yes, but a viable solution that works for myself as I student teach.

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