Use AnyFont to Install Custom Fonts on your iPhone or iPad

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    There aren’t too many applications that you could use to modify the aspect of your iOS system without having to jailbreak it. That’s why AnyFont, a new iOS app, is so great, as it helps users configure custom fonts for all of their iOS applications. It is available for $1.99 on the iTunes Store and can be used on your iPhone and iPad, and requiring iOS 7 to work.

    By using AnyFont, you can install custom TrueType and OpenType fonts to an iOS device for use in multiple applications, such as Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. This user interface customization is possible thanks to a new feature introduced with iOS 7. Fonts can be installed via Dropbox or Mail and also by uploading .ttf or .otf font files to the app.

    However, you should know that at the moment it is not possible to change the system-font with the app and that some fonts which are using Cyrillic or Asian characters are not supported by this way of installing fonts. Nonetheless, if you deal with a lot of content creation on your iOS devices, then you will definitely appreciated this handy little tool.

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