MiniDisplay makes your iPhone/iPad an external display for your Mac

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    Longing to have an extra screen for you Mac? If you are an Apple fan, chances are you own more than one Apple gadget, so why not put them to work as well when you are using your desktop? Now you can, with the help of a brand new app called MiniDisplay.

    This little software will allow you to turn your iPad or iPhone in an extra display to use alongside your Mac computer. In order to start using your Apple gadgets as mini displays, on​​e will have to first download the Mini Display Connect client on their computers. Don’t forget to also enable the Screen Sharing option in Preferences to get things going.

    All you have to do after that is connect to your Mac with the iPhone or iPad. To do so, you will have to first log in first with the Mac user account. You can opt to always leave the password box empty, so everybody who wants to use the application will have to type in the password first. For users of iPad or iPhone with a Retina display there is the option of choosing between using the high resolution and getting less space or low resolution and getting more space.

    By default, the extra screen will be attached to the right of the Mac’s display, but if you want it somewhere else, don’t panic. There’s the possibility of you changing the location via the Display Settings located in System Preferences. Enjoy your extra space!

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    Thanks for the info, Radu.

    Looks very handy. I'll give it a try later.

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