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    Recently my on screen keyboard divided in to two across the screen. Half the keys on one side and the other half, it was't as if they were just divided across the screen. Qwerty had been on the right and uiop had been on the left. Now I new that if you used two fingers you could bring the two pieces together. What worried my was if I did this would they stay as they were qwerty on the right and uiop on the left. Anyway after many calls to various iPad specialist no firm answer. So I used my two fingers and pulled them together. IT WORKED Great

    Why are you here I hear you ask. Well when I switch my iPad on, next to the slider, is an icon that looks like a flower in a pot. Now if I touch this I get a screen shot (not active) of the problem I had with divided on screen keyboard, with the start up screen in the background.

    iPad works as normal when the slider is used. It's just that this icon is really getting to me. It's like broken tooth that you keep putting your tongue on.

    Anyone know how to remove it.

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