Ugly Duckling is released, and now Little Red Riding Hood is free for a limited time!

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    This story includes fun reading filled with many interactions and animations, as well as "find the differences", coloring and puzzle games. All these interactions will allow your kids not only to read and watch the story, but also to learn through many different interactions and games, letting them enjoy this classic in a whole new way!
    ★★★★★ Features:
    1. A Combination of reading activities, interactions, animations and games, all in one app.
    2. These are some of the interactions you will be able to enjoy:
    - Drag the clouds in the sky and control their speed.
    - Click the duckies and watch them swim to the shore.
    - Tilt the iPad and watch the Ugly Duckling slide over the ice.
    - Spin the globe beneath to view the different environments.
    3. Four kinds of mini-games:
    I. “Search for the Snailâ€. A snail is hiding on every page, can you find them all?
    II “Find the differencesâ€. Test your eyes, spot the differences!
    III Coloring. There are six uncolored pages, that will test your artistic skills.
    IV Puzzles. 3x3,3x4 and 4x4 puzzles based on the story.

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