Typical iOS User Unlocks Their Device 80 Times Per Day On Average

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    iOS users unlock their phones 80 times a day on average.JPG

    AppleInsider reports that according to Apple, the average iOS device user unlocks their iPhone or iPad approximately 80 times per day. The information was actually revealed last week during a widely reported conference call between several unnamed Apple executives and assorted journalists that was primarily about security issues. However, this particular part of the conversation was not picked up until Monday, when Ben Bajarin, head of primary research at analysts Creative Strategies, reported on the details on Techpinions.

    The Apple executives and engineers also revealed that 89% of customers with Touch-ID-enabled devices had set up the feature to recognize their fingerprints and unlock their device. Bajarin says that this is pretty close to his own data, which found that around 85% of iOS device owners use either Touch ID or a passcode to safeguard their device.

    Bajarin noted that the Apple executives at the meeting were particularly keen to use the phrase “balancing security with ease of use,” and repeated the phrase frequently during the meeting.

    Source: Average iPhone user unlocks device 80 times per day, 89% use Touch ID, Apple says
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    LOL thats strange thing to note here, i wondered how could unlocking be done so easily
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    Hold in mind they are including iPhones in those stats. You need to unlock your iPhone pretty much every time you take it out of your pocket. For some people 80 times a day is probably a slow day.

    Fortunately Touch ID has mad it easy to have a secure iPhone and unlock it quickly.

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