Twitter Starts Rolling out "While you Were Away" Tecaps for its iOS Users

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    Twitter has almost 300 million monthly active users with around 500 million Tweets being sent per day. A good part of these tweets come from iPhone and iPad users. The company is well aware of that and that's why it is now releasing a really useful feature for them.

    Twitter is rolling out its "While you were away" recaps for its iOS app which will allow iPhone and iPad users to see a snapshot of popular or relevant tweets they missed since the last time they checked in. Twitter also said the feature will be launching soon on its Android app and web interface soon.

    Paul Rosania, Twitter's Product Manager, made the announcement yesterday on the company's official blog, saying the following:

    The new feature is somewhat similar in concept to Facebook's "top stories," and will prove to be really helpful to active Twitter users.

    Source: Twitter

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