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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Apr 7, 2010.

By iDan on Apr 7, 2010 at 10:26 AM
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    I just love all these little stories that are emerging about the impact the iPad is having on different areas of life. Take this story from the AP, for example, which says that the iPad is “friendlier than a traditional laptop†as far as airport security is concerned. According to the report, the Transportation Security Administration said on Tuesday that generally speaking, passengers would not have to remove their iPad from their bag, mainly due to the fact that it’s reasonably small, and also because an iPad owner is less likely to be carrying laptop-type accessories such as plugs and external drives that get in the way of the screening image. That’s not to say that you won’t be asked to take your iPad out of your bag when travelling, but it’s just more likely that you won’t.

    The AP report adds that the TSA is currently briefing airport security officers about how to treat the iPad when it comes to screening procedures, so it will be interesting hearing what sort of experiences iPad owners have when travelling through airports with the device.

    By Maura Sutton,


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Apr 7, 2010.

    1. gentlefury
      It's also a sealed unibody with no moving parts.

      A friend of mine said his brother just got one and got on a plane and didn't have to take it out then he sat down and started watching movies until he landed 6 hours later....genius!
    2. Dragonrider
      Think presentations... I've never been asked to show my Kindle at the airport. Personally, I see this as a MacAir replacement..
    3. henry2
      I flew this morning and it was pretty easly check point this morning slide the items through the scanner unit and that was it on the first part of the trip ..

      the second part of the layover part of going through checkpoint was a little funny and red faced for me waiting for the third person of the party that was going up to New York ..i had beening listening to music while i waited for the person to come and bring there gear and files for the next install job ..they where running a little late and along with i was bored so i started to listen to music while i was wating .. ...

      .so when we where going back through the second layover check point i was pulled out of the line to be add search to the scannering phase of the checkpoint ..i .walked over to the table and they started going through the sling bag and bringing the units outs to look over and when she touched the screen the music started to play.. ..i thought i had shut the unit completely off,..

      the music started back up and the song that was playing was the R.Kelly there nothing wrong with a little bump and grind ..she just give me a look like ok your a freak ..i reached over and hit the home button and it went back to sleep mode have to remember iam 6.ft 3.inchs about 275 and i shave my head along with beening clean shaven ..alot of my friends tell that iam little scary looking to people who do not know me well of the lady friends i have said this to me one day about my looks .. when walking down the street for i have a look like i thinking of shooting you on the spot or i just throw you out in front of a car to keep me from dealing with you look all the time when iam out in public places..

      .i was little red face as i walked from the checkpoint ..she was laughing under her breath about the song that was playing ..that was as far as the search of the bag went .. i repack the items back into the sling bag and grab my carry on and was walking away a little red face for one of the people who we work is a good friend and a women also and she heard the music and she was looking at me like you are a freak hank ..but smileing about it as we walked to the gate to catch the plane ..
    4. Ghuda
      Great story Hank2. I do worry a little about the AP saying that the measures for the iPad are going to be different, and as I read it a little less thorough. What a great message to throw out there to those idiots that still don't like us allnthat much.

      Don't mean to get all paranoid, but I certainly am a more cautious person these days, and think the TSA is a bunch of witless morons. Mind you, I think the people on the ground are doing what they are told, it's more the people writing the policies.

      Ever been through German airport security? You'll want a hand towel and some quiet time when you are done, but they take it very seriously, but are still professional about it.
    5. henry2
      i been through german airports a few times in my travel ,i speak German and it little funny for the they say something and i answer them in flawless german and look at me like where did you get the accent from ..for you are a american ..

      the best one was in japan..i was going over there to speak to someone who was writeing there version of our software and it was like beening treatly like a guest come into a house ..they had a person waiting for me when i came off the plane along with got me into and out of custom like it was a race againest haveing me standing around for the day there..for there was this little japanese lady there doing the passport control and i was trying to not mess up in my japanese speaking and we all said and done she goes in perfect english have a nice time when in japan and watch how you put the spin on the one word ..i look like oh c--- i messed up.. i saw two days later at the meeting there ..for they where bring everyone in that was going to use the software and it was funny for she sit down next to me ..later on she wrote on a piece of paper dinner after the meeting ..i will not make you eat any japanese food says..i did have a great trip on that one..

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