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Touchfire is a membrane that works like a keyboard for the iPad

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Aug 1, 2013.

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    If you don’t like to soil the iPad’s screen when you type on it, which – let’s face it – inevitably happens, check out this refined and futuristic accessory. Instead of connecting a Bluetooth keyboard to your tablet and making it harder to carry around, you could opt for Touchfire.

    Touchfire’s solution to the problem is a membrane like keyboard with tridimensional buttons. They don’t really feel like the keys you are accustomed when using your normal keyboard, but they give the feeling that you’re not tapping on a flat surface. Some customers might crave the old sensation of having something “rigid†to actually tap on, so the Touchfi​​re will certainly appeal to them.

    Another thing about the Touchfire that might attract customers is that the membrane is so thin that you can secure it on the iPad even if it has the Smart cover on. You will still be able to close the lid without a problem. Or if you prefer, you can stick the membrane outside the Smart cover with the help of some extra magnets that come with the pack.

    The Touchfire is pretty expensive for an accessory and comes at the price of $50 but there’s a cheaper version available if you don’t feel like spending so much. It’s called the TacType and costs $35. Its advantage is that due to its more rigid frame it can hold the keys in place, while the more stretchy Touchfire keys might slide off randomly and you will have to reset them.

    Source: NY Times Personal Tech

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