The History of Jazz Comes to Life on iPad

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    If you’re a fan of Jazz then you’re going to love this gorgeous app from 955 Dreams. “The History of Jazz - An Interactive Timeline", takes you on a musical journey all the way back to the origins of Jazz and right up to the present day, making your iPad come alive with rich video, audio and design. The app features the legends of Jazz and provides an understanding of the various genres in Jazz, complete with album previews and detailed biographies for each artist. Learn about Jazz by simply browsing through the genres in chronological order and listen to hours of beautiful music and connect with the artists who made Jazz what it is today. Each artist comes with a curated list of Essential Songs and Essential Albums that enables you to sample each song and then helps you build your own Jazz collection with an integrated experience with iTunes.

    And it’s not just all about the history of Jazz and past glories either, as the app also aims to introduce you to new artists that are making waves on the scene today.

    The app even has AirPlay support for videos so that you can stream audio directly to your Hi-Fi speakers or your Apple TV.

    Click here to download the app for $9.99: The History of Jazz - an interactive timeline for iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Source: 955 Dreams
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    Thanks for posting that. It might be my first bought app. :)

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