Guitar World Launches its Lick of the Day App

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    <iframe src=";portrait=0" width="400" height="225" frameborder="0"></iframe><p>Lick Of The Day from <a href="">John Berry</a> on <a href="">Vimeo</a>.</p>​

    Guitar World, the world’s best-selling guitar magazine, has come up with an app in partnership with Agile Partners, that has been specifically designed for guitar players who want to continuously improve their guitar playing skills and broaden their repertoire.

    The Guitar World Lick of the Day app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch delivers a new and challenging lick to subscribers every day, with a feature set that enables guitar players of all skill levels to learn licks in a variety of styles. Here’s an impressive list of the apps major features, courtesy of Guitar World:

    • High quality videos of Guitar World’s instructors and guitar celebrities, such as Zakk Wylde, Joe Satriani, Gus G., and Phil Collen, demonstrating licks in a wide range of styles - Rock, Metal, Blues, Country, Jazz and more
    • Timeless celebrity videos from the Guitar World Vault
    • Standard and tab music notation for each lick that scrolls in sync with videos on iPad
    • Practice mode with settings that control music notation tempo, looping, audio synthesis, a metronome and more
    • Dynamic fretboard that shows finger positions synchronized with the scrolling music notation (lefties can invert the fretboard)
    • Performance notes written by Guitar World instructors
    • “Star†your favorite licks to find them later easily, and sort licks by genre and difficulty
    • Download licks to any iOS devices that you own iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

    Sounds very cool! And here’s a quote from Brad Tolinski, Editor in Chief of Guitar World about the app:

    The initial app is free, and comes with five sample licks. You can download it here. One-, three- and six-month subscriptions can also be purchased in-app to receive a new lick every day, seven days a week for $4.99, $12.99 and $19.99 respectively.

    Source: Guitar World
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    need some bass stuff now.
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    Neat idea, too $$$

    I'm cheap
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    that a neat idea i like that ..

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