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    1. Pool Bar ( pool game)

    2. 9mm ( it's like Grand Theft Auto)

    3. Street fight Volt

    4. Cut The Rope ( deep game u really need to use ur head)

    5. Pulse ( news feeds it's like Flip Board but better coz has ur Facebook and twitter update as well as every news update.

    6. Sound Paper ( it allows me to record my Uni lectures and still take notes and saves it as one file that I can to the recording and the written document at a later date.

    7. Asphalt 6 ( driving game)

    8. YX player 2 ( it allows u to drag and drop any video file from ur computer without converting the file. And it works on the Apple TV.
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    9. IMDb ( it shows u all the up coming movies and allows u to watch the trailers and see out coming out all the way to next year.

    10. Synth Station ( is a beat making app. It has a built in MPC 5000, key board and mixer. It's crazy and I love making beats on here like I'm in the studio.)

    Bonus app

    11. Nav Free (this is a free Sat Nav that has an app for every country in the world. It has gotten to work on time with it's short cuts and gotten me back from the club as well as getting me to my friends houses. It's a must have.)
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