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    Some may think that Apple is going up against Google for market control. To a degree, this is true. But in a larger sense, the battle is with Amazon. Amazon had a high profit margin with Kindle, but the iPad made them drastically cut the price. Then Apple announced that they would no longer allow the Kindle app to redirect buyers to the Amazon store. The two biggest sellers of music are iTunes and Amazon. Amazon has introduced their cloud music service, but in trying to beat Apple to the punch, they forgot to check with the music companies, and now are being sued.

    Amazon is very popular. I use them a lot for my needs, and they have several great deals. However, they are getting more and more arrogant. And they seem to making an effort to exclude iOS owners from using their features. I have gotten several movies and videos from them, but they are in a format that is almost impossible to move to an Apple device. iTunes allows MP3files to be loaded from Amazon, but the only way to get video is to used Unbox and that is strictly Windows only. The new free streaming video is off limits to iOS products like iPad and AppleTV.

    Arrogance is the way Amazon is operating any more. They are flaunting state taxes. If a state decides that Amazon is taking too much sales from legitimate retailers in-state and costing the state too much money, they will shut down facilities or partner companies that make them collect sales taxes. And they spend big dollars to fight sales tax laws that will affect them. I do not know what is going to happen, in the long run, but I fear that if Amazon pushes the government and powerful companies too much, they are going to find that they are not too big to be put out of business. The problem is that I could see doing on-line business with some company like Wal-Mart, but their web site sucks.

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