Apple is Now the Number Two Online Retailer in the World After Amazon

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    Apple is an amazing company and never ceases to impress everybody with new record sales of its popular products. But besides being extremely good at crafting and selling its products, Apple has proved that it knows how to handle its business and services side, as well. Now, according to fresh data from e-commerce research firm Internet Retailer, Apple is now the second online retailer in the world. Amazon is still the absolute leader, but Apple has managed to overtake Staples for second place. Shelly Banjo from the Wall Street has more details on this:

    It’s amazing for Apple to climb on the second place, especially if we take into account the fact that it doesn’t sell as many products as other players. Another reason for the jump is because Internet Retailer is accounting for both hardware and digital content sales for the first time, and this is obviously in the disadvantage of traditional brick-and-mortar companies.

    As you can see for yourself in the above graph, besides Amazon, Apple is the single company whose sales have jumped so high. Online sales have increased over 24% from the previous year, beating out even Amazon who grew just 20% during the 12-month period.

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    Everything I've ever bought from Apple (both Apple and non-Apple products sold on the Apple Store) has been shipped with lightning speed, and with no problems whatsoever. Ditto on their service side. I'm totally sold on Apple for both their products and sales/service.

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