Telltale Games Released Hector - Episode 2; Ep 1 Going Cheap

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    Telltale Games has finally released the second instalment in its Hector series entitled Senseless Acts of Justice. Available for iPhone and iPad, episode 2 leads the rude and boorish detective Hector on the hunt for a psychopath, as he wallows in the usual rather unsavoury lifestyle that makes him so loveable. Or not! Fans can also take on the role of the hapless Lambert in the game and meet all sorts of unusual characters such as flaming strippers and street urchins. Set in some of London’s less-salubrious areas, this series is a much raunchier offering than Telltale’s usual more cheery fare (recommended for ages 17+), but it is still pretty funny, if a little tasteless, and the puzzles are up to Telltale’s usual standard.

    In order to celebrate the release of the second episode in the series, Telltale has also announced that it has dropped the price of the HD version of episode 1 to £1.99$2.99, and the iPhone version to £0.69/, until September 1. The third and final episode in the series, Beyond Reasonable Doom, will be released some time in September.

    Click here for Hector Ep1 HD: HECTOR: Ep1 HD

    Click here for Hector Ep 1 for iPhone: HECTOR: Badge of Carnage Ep1 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Click here for Hector Ep2 HD: HECTOR Ep2 HD

    Click here for Hector Ep2 for iPhone: HECTOR: Ep2

    Source: Telltale Games
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    Looks cool. But the comments say it is too short. I'll wait for the $.99 sale.

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