Telltale Games Holding Epic iOS Sale

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    In order to brighten up the dark and dreary winter months (assuming you’re in a part of the world where it is dark and dreary winter of course!), the very fantastic Telltale Games has announced that it’s holding a ten-day sale on some of its very best iOS apps. The sale started on January 19, and ends on January 29 at midnight. All of the following games, be they iPhone or iPad versions, can be snapped up during this limited time period for $0.99. The likes of Sam & Max, Puzzle Agent and Wallace & Gromit are not to be missed if you're a point-and-click adventure fan. Hector: Badge of Carnage is a little more earthy and adult, shall we say, and so not everyone’s cup of tea, but the puzzles are still very challenging and entertaining so also worth a look if you don't mind a bit of swearing.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&amp]Telltale Favourites[/FONT]

    [FONT=&amp]Sam & Max Episode 1: The Penal Zone for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store (iPad)[/FONT]

    [FONT=&amp]Wallace & Gromit The Last Resort for iPad for iPad on the iTunes App Store (iPad)[/FONT]

    [FONT=&amp]Hector: Badge of Carnage[/FONT]

    [FONT=&amp]HECTOR: Ep1 HD (iPad)[/FONT]

    [FONT=&amp]HECTOR Ep2 HD (iPad)[/FONT]

    [FONT=&amp]HECTOR Ep3 HD (iPad)[/FONT]

    [FONT=&amp]App Store - HECTOR: Ep2 (iPhone)[/FONT]

    [FONT=&amp]App Store - HECTOR: Ep3 (iPhone)[/FONT]

    [FONT=&amp]Puzzle Agent Series[/FONT]

    [FONT=&amp]Puzzle Agent HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store (iPad)[/FONT]

    [FONT=&amp]Puzzle Agent 2 HD for iPad on the iTunes App Store (iPad)[/FONT]

    [FONT=&amp]App Store - Puzzle Agent (iPhone)[/FONT]

    [FONT=&amp]App Store - Puzzle Agent 2 (iPhone)[/FONT]

    [FONT=&amp]Source:[/FONT] Telltale Games

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