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Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by emelpenni, Jul 24, 2011.

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    This relates to syncing apps as well so I hope this is the right place. I know you can add non ipad apps to your ipad and it will show up smaller; however, why does it not transfer the information from the iphone app when viewing on the Ipad2? I moved the Occassions app over first from my iphone 3gs to my ipad2 and in looking at in on my ipad none of the birthdays, etc were there.

    2ND problem - I have the Birthdays app on my iphone and when i attempted to select it from apps to download onto my ipad - i got a message saying it was not downloaded because it could not be found, but it is in the list and on my iphone.

    Has this happened to anyone or anyone have any advice on how to fix this?

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    Hi, emelpenni - I've moved this question of yours to its own thread. It didn't quite match up where you posted it - so I hope that this way, others may see your question easier and thus be able to help...

    My understanding of apps for iPhone and iPad is that they don't really sync amongst themselves. Yeah, you can have the same app on the iPad and iPhone, but unless the app itself sets up a synching capability (like the Kindle or Evernote apps), you won't get the same info on different iDevices.

    Plus, the app, while saving info, saves it in a way that's unique to the device it's on. Kind of like an address in that if the app is not being used on the device to which the info is saved, it can't find that info on another device. So, you can't see another iDevice's info, even though you've downloaded via a synced iTunes.

    On the second part, I don't know why it would argue with you. However, have you tried downloading the app to your device directly from the App Store app? Just a thought...

    Hope some of this helped. Good luck.


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