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    Jun 20, 2013
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    Whats the most excepted way to sync all my apple devises and share pic's doc,s and music ect?
  2. AQ_OC

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    Apr 28, 2011
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    Photostream works well for pics...

    I think it also works well for docs as long as the apps that use them are iCloud aware. The ones from Apple are (Pages, Keynote, Numbers).

    For music, you can create playlists in iTunes and sync to all your devices. Or you can get cloud-based music, like those from Amazon, Apple, Google, etc., but you end up streaming a lot, so you need wifi lots of places to avoid using any data changes on cellular. If you buy music from the Apple Store, it is easy to download to all your devices (I just can't bring myself to buy content from Apple, though). And if you get iTunes Match, well, you get your stuff everywhere. I probably will give in and get Match this fall when the iRadio stuff goes live in iOS 7. It is a pretty good deal. Remember, though, Amazon's cloud stuff plays everywhere, not just on your Apple devices (which I another reason I don't buy content from Apple even though I can move music to other platforms, you can't do that with movies).

    I warn you that if you sync photos it gets problematic sometimes. And the photos don't show up full-sized on other iDevices (other than where it originated). It does get transfered full-size to your PCs/MACs if you enable iCloud and Photostream on them. Most of the time the resampled photos thing is not a problem, though.

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