Survey Finds That 82% of Teens Polled Own an iPhone, as Interest in Apple Watch Also

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    MacRumors reports that a new survey from investment company Piper Jaffray has found that Apple’s iPhone is more popular than ever, with 82% of the teens surveyed owning an iPhone, an increase of 4% from 78% of those polled in fall 2017. Also, 84% of those teens polled said that they expect their next phone will be an iPhone, up from 82% in fall last year. The data shows that teen interest in iPhone has increased at a steady pace over the past few years.

    Piper Jaffray also compiled a list of the top watch brands among teens in spring 2018, and found that 12% of upper income teens picked Apple Watch as their preferred watch brand, up from 7% in fall 2017, placing it in second place, just behind Rolex, and ahead of Michael Kors, Fossil, and Gucci, among others.

    As far as intentions to purchase a watch over the next 6 months are concerned, 20% of teens said that they intend to buy an Apple Watch, up 3% from 17% a year ago.

    Source: 82% of Teens Surveyed Now Own an iPhone, 84% Plan to Purchase

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