US Teens Show Increased Demand for iPhone and iPad, but Aren't Impressed by the Apple Watch

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    According to a recent survey conducted by Piper Jaffray, teens from the United States show steadily increasing demand for iPhone and iPad, but don't seem to be impressed by Apple's upcoming Apple Watch. The Fall 2014 Teen Survey confirms once more that Apple is still a hot brand for America's youth, but the company's first smartwatch isn't as wanted as the iconic iPhone and iPad.

    Analyst Gene Munster says that 16 percent of a sampling of about 7,200 teens said they were interested in "buying an iWatch for $350" when it gets released next year, which is actually down from 17 percent in spring.

    The analyst also added

    "We believe that despite the timing of the survey, speculation has ramped significantly around an Apple Watch since the Spring and we would have expected to see at least a small uptick in interest from teens in the watch," .

    Munster is sticking to a previous sales estimate of 10 million combined Apple Watch units for the 2015 calendar year.

    When it comes to the iPhone, 67 percent of teens owned Apple's handset, up from 61 percent in spring, and 73 percent said they will make the upgrade to the newer model. The study says that iPhone is actually eating away Android's marketshare , which dropped five points over the same period.

    When it comes to the iPad, 66 percent of tablet-owning teens say they own Apple's tablet and 60 percent are looking at an iPad Air or iPad mini as their next purchase.

    Source: AppleInsider
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    Wow, I find this surprising, I mean I really want one of those smart watches because they seem more portable and convenient.

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