Teens are Craving iPhones and iPads for Christmas

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Nov 28, 2011.

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    According to a report on CNN Money’s Apple 2.0 blog today, American teenagers are hoping for a very Apple Christmas this year. The news comes via a note to clients from senior Piper Jaffray research analyst, Gene Munster, in which he relayed the findings of Piper Jaffray’s annual poll of American teens (which has been carried out for the past 22 years), which asks them what they want for Christmas. The survey found that 11.2% of the 5,700 teenagers polled named an Apple product as top of their wish list this Christmas. For all Apple products except iPods and iPod touches, the figures were up from previous years as well, with 3.4% wanting an iPhone (up from 2.5% last year), 2.5% wishing for an iPad (up from 2.2% last year), and 1.1% wanting a Mac (up from 0.8% last year). Munster adds that this compares favourably with 0.3% wanting an Xbox and 0.4% asking for a PS3. The most popular gifts requested overall were money (22%) and clothes (15%).

    Source: iPhones and iPads top teen wish lists this Christmas - Apple 2.0 - Fortune Tech
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    Not just Teens

    My 10 year old is bugging for an iPhone or iPad.
    My 6-7 year olds Want iPads and Laptops for Christmas.
    I let them use my iPhone, iPad and iPod all the time.
    My 7 year old has her own ipod touch.

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