Survey Finds 97% of Moms Shopped From Their Tablets

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    TechCrunch reports today on a very interesting survey from mobile ad network Mojiava, in collaboration with Distimo, which finds that 97% of the 1,500 tablet-owning moms surveyed had made a purchase using their tablet in the past month. 31% of respondents spent more than 10 hours per week on their tablet, much more than the 2 hours they spent on their PCs. As TechCrunch notes, that shift away from tablets to PCs by the moms in the survey reflects an overall trend in the market, with tablets starting to make big inroads into the PC market share. TechCrunch also says that some retailers have been slow to capitalise quickly enough on this increased tablet usage by just the sort of demographic they should be going all-out to attract, and have yet to optimise their websites to make the most of tablet traffic. In fact some retail websites still make it down right difficult, if not impossible to access their sites from a tablet, which can get very frustrating! Hopefully surveys such as this will make online retailers think more about the tablet-using customer when designing or revamping their websites.

    Source: Report: One-Third Of U.S. Moms Own Connected Devices, 97% Of iPad Moms Shopped From Their Tablet Last Month | TechCrunch
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    This is a very useful data for me, thank you for sharing:p

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