New Survey Finds That Customers are Still in Love With Their iPads

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Feb 3, 2012.

By Maura on Feb 3, 2012 at 10:06 AM
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    GigaOM reports today on a new survey from ChangeWave, which examines customer satisfaction with their tablets. According to the results of the survey, iPad owners are still very much loved up with their tablets, with Amazon Kindle Fire owners not quite so enthused about their devices. To break the figures down, 74% of respondents said that they were “Very Satisfied” with their iPads, with 54% of Amazon Kindle Fire owners and 49% of owners of other tablets saying the same. ChangeWave says that the reasons given for Kindle Fire owners not expressing the same high levels of satisfaction with their devices were missing features such as no hardware volume button, no camera, a short battery life, no cellular connectivity and the relatively small selection of apps. GigaOM notes that by focusing on keeping costs low with its Kindle Fire, Amazon may be making the mistake of leaving customers wanting more, and if Apple does decide to offer the iPad 2 as a low-cost alternative once the iPad 3 is released, then it’s hard to see the Kindle Fire ever catching up, unless Amazon attempts to add some of those missing features.[/FONT]

    [FONT=&amp]Source: Satisfaction survey shows why Apple’s iPad will remain on top — Apple News, Tips and Reviews[/FONT]
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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Feb 3, 2012.

    1. tlbaker
      Yes we ARE!!! So in love that even though I connect at home via wifi I couldn't part with my 3G service. I now tether with iPhone 4 to save 10 buckies though.

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    2. jsh1120
      This would be a more interesting story if the author actually read the source material....

      "...To break the figures down, 74% of respondents said that they were “Very Satisfied” with their iPads, with 34% of Amazon Kindle Fire owners and 49% of owners of other tablets saying the same..."

      Actually, the results are...

      54% very satisfied with their Kindle Fires, not 34%.

      "...Customer Satisfaction. When asked how satisfied they are with their new tablet device, better than one-in-two Kindle Fire owners (54%) say they are Very Satisfied. Another 38% say they are Somewhat Satisfied..." [FONT=&amp]
    3. Maura
      Ooh yes, sorry, I meant 54%, that was a typo! Thanks for pointing that out, I've changed it now.

    4. jsh1120
      Sorry, Maura. Didn't mean to sound like a grouch. I was so surprised by the figure that I checked the original article. In fact, I've been tracking satisfaction scores for the Kindle Fire on the Amazon site since it was first introduced. Not only are they high, 73% rating the KF as a 4 or 5 on the 5 point scale, they've been going up significantly since a few days after its introduction (67%.)

      Of course, I can understand your take on the article considering that this is an iPad forum, but the overall thrust of the article is very good news for Amazon. The KF isn't an iPad but (imo) it's a very entertaining device, especially as an initial effort. And it seems to be accomplishing exactly what Amazon hoped, driving customers to purchase products from Amazon.
    5. marcandsebe
      Obviously you like the Kindle Fire. We don't have them here yet, but do have the Samsung 7"' 8.9" and 10" models. Not that ken on Android OS myself, just my opinion and I would not want to go any smaller than the iPad, so the Kindle Fire would not be for me.
    6. jsh1120
      Very different kind of device. I did a review on this board a few weeks ago. Considerably more portable than the iPad and excellent for viewing streaming content and reading books. The 7" form factor which enables that portability, however, also limits it as a web browsing device. (It works fine for occasionally finding content, very well, in fact. But it's not the device I grab when I want to wander around on the web.) And as a content creation device, it pales in comparison to the iPad. But to be fair, the iPad pales in comparison to a good laptop, as well.
    7. Kaykaykay
      I'm happy with both iPad and Kindle Fire. Life is good.
    8. HKWrite12
      What's not to love. Each day gets sweeter in the words of John Legend. Padi makes my wildest fantasies reality. Meaning taking motors and reading journals for class. She legitimizes all the reasons I never carried books in college.

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