Strategy Analytics: Apple Watch Captured 75% of the Smartwatch Market Share in the Launch Quarter

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    According to the latest data coming from research firm Strategy Analytics, it is believed that the Apple Watch has managed to capture 75.5% of the global smartwatch market share during its launch quarter. The Cupertino company is followed by Samsung with an estimated 7.5% market share.

    Strategy Analytics estimates that Apple sold 4 million Apple Watches in the second quarter of 2015, while runner-up Samsung is believed to have shipped around 400,000 smartwatches during the three-month period ending June 30. Neil Mawston, Executive Director at Strategy Analytics, said the following:

    “We estimate Apple Watch shipped 4.0 million units and captured a dominant 75 percent smartwatch marketshare worldwide in Q2 2015. Apple Watch launched in sixteen major countries and saw decent take-up from iPhone loyalists in the United States and elsewhere. Apple Watch has clearly raised the bar for the global smartwatch industry. The ball is now in the court of rivals, like Samsung, to respond.”

    The analytics company says that the launch of the Apple Watch helped the overall smartwatch market grow an estimated 457% annually to reach a record 5.3 million units in the second quarter of 2015. Furthermore, it seems that smartwatch shipments were higher in this quarter than throughout all of 2014 when around 4.6 million smartwatches were shipped globally.

    Apple Watch is currently officially available in the United States and eighteen other countries, with New Zealand, Russia and Turkey set to welcome the device on July 31.

    Source: Strategy Analytics
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    That doesn't surprise me one bit. Funny how several bashed it when it hit the shelves. It's not a smart phone but it's a nice addition to my work and social tools. [​IMG]

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