iPad Continues to Dominate Global Tablet Market

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    AppleInsider writes today that following on from yesterday’s figures from Apple that show that they have shipped a record 17 million iPads in the past quarter, new figures from Strategy Analytics show that Apple’s share of the global tablet market is at its highest level in nearly two year, with 68.3% of all global tablet shipments, with the total amount of all tablets sold currently standing at 25 million for the second quarter of 2012. This marks a growth of 67% for global tablet shipments year over year. AppleInsider notes that Apple’s figure of 17 million iPads sold for the last quarter is a staggering 84% increase from the year-ago period. In contrast, total Android tablet sales were estimated by Strategy Analytics as 7.3 million, giving it just 29.3% of the global smartphone market. Microsoft brings up the rear with 1.2% of the market, a figure that it is banking on improving with the launch of lots of Windows 8 tablets later in the year.

    Apple's iPad grows to 68% of global tablet shipments in Q2 2012

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