Specialized Packages Available in Non-Default Repos

Discussion in 'iPad Hacking' started by TylerThomas, Jul 29, 2012.

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    This thread is meant to serve as a compilation of what I mention in the title. I know that most packages are available in the default repositories, and that people seem not to too commonly know of what I'm talking about, but there are such things as I am talking about.

    Examples I know of would be XBMC and the clients, etc. that work with sim card adapters such as the Peel products or the Skyroam products.

    These are specialized packages that are usually found alone by themselves in a non-default repository and aren't part of a larger repo for various other packages. I know that at least the ones I mentioned above fit this category and are available for use, and so I do feel inclined to believe there are others that I do not know of.

    If you don't know of any you don't need to tell me something about most packages being available in the default repos or things of that nature. I'm familiar with such things but do believe that there are more examples of what I'm talking about.

    And honestly if no one ends up knowing of any and being able to share them here, I do feel that there really should be these types of things despite that. As long as the jailbreak community has been around and the potential for software that can take advantage of a jailbreak there really ought to be more of market for such like you find with a windows PC or a Mac computer IMO.

    But anyway, just my thoughts and my interest in knowing of any and all of these kinds of things that there may be, hoping that users here will be respectful and actually know of examples of what I'm talking about he share them here in this thread


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