Additional File Types Able to be Used with Jailbreak

Discussion in 'iPad Hacking' started by TylerThomas, Jul 29, 2012.

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    This is directed toward anyone who knows of any, but I was wondering what all types of files can be utilized with a jailbroken device that are compatible with iOS or that become compatible because of a package that would normally be un-usable with an iDevice.

    For example, ROM images can be utilized on a jailbroken device because of the emulator packages available in Cydia.

    So I'm hoping to find out about other file types as detailed above that would be useful for something.

    Anyway, if you don't know of any you don't necessarily need to post that there aren't any. I'd like the users who know of and use themselves certain media or files of this nature to share what they are/ how they are utilized, etc..

    I'm hoping that there are some and that some users here will know about them.

    To me this includes any kinds of files that can be utilized with specialized packages typically only available by themselves in some non-default repository.

    Also, if for whatever reason no one really knows of much or wants to be condescending about it, I'd like this thread to be a whiteboard for the possible file types and media types that could be used if only there were the needed packages or whatever they may require. These ideas can be submitted to developers for possible implementation and future realization. Think files that you can use with other operating systems and advanced computing devices that could very well be utilized on an iPad as well.

    Nevertheless, I'm still thinking that perhaps there already are packages available or certain other mediums for using these kinds of files and would like to know of them, hoping someone who reads this will know of some and share them in this thread.


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