SpashID post-iOS 5 upgrade -- All password data....GONE?!!!!

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by w1ngman, Oct 13, 2011.

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    Okay, so my 'HELP!' question is specifically regarding SplashID and the fact that I've obviously lost all of my password data from my iPad post-iOS 5 upgrade :(. Frankly I could make that a fill-in-the-blank comment about pretty much every app I own (its obvious that all my previously [seemlessly merged] email accounts now have to be reset again, Pandora doesn't know name it...everything is wiped). So apparently while I was lucky enough to get the iOS 5 upgrade to stick, over the course of hoooooooooours of effort, the best I get from it is an otherwise factory-fresh iPad that has my apps reloaded. But nothing else.

    If *anyone* has experience with SplashID and can help me with suggestions to recover my password data, I'm all ears! I did *not* opt to purchase/manage the PC-side of that app (assuming it offered one...some previous password apps I'd tried did, but I can't recall if SplashID did or not at the moment). I have always been a faithful sync'er with iTunes, but I guess that data wasn't part of the syncing. I suppose that means all my data I keyed on my iPad within that app was encrypted directly onto my iPad pre-iOS 5...but has since been erased???!!! Unfathomable...:mad:

    I need an extra sad (maybe even extra MAD) smiley right now... :thumbsdown:

    Thanks in advance for *any* helpful advice...

    - Dave

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