some advise on jb an ipad

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    help on ipad with 4.1.2 from factory

    well hi there
    the first thing is that in don't live in the us, and i'm a half noob!
    though i haved lived there for 4 years so my english is so so

    well i going to get an ipad 64G-wifi as a reward
    and my ipad comes with 4.2.1 not in the us again:(
    and i have some questions
    1. will jb viod my warranty, if it does then is it possible that i can un-jb(don't know the proper term here) it and leave no trace so i can send it in and still have warranty?
    2. when i get my ipad should i jb it first or should i use it normal and wait for a unteathered jb?
    3. is it safe to JB teathered?(meaning that i can't brick my ipad)
    4. is it possible to brick an ipad?
    6. is it possible to downgrade my ipad(factory4.1.2)
    7. last but not least should i buy an exstended warranty that lasts for 2 years?(meaning that is it esay to kill an ipad)
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