Smart TEO Padlock Secures School Lockers, Chains & Gates with your iPhone/iPad

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    Technology is changing the world around us and the iPhone that you might be using on a daily basis is one of the best examples. Resourceful engineers and developers create new technologies with its help, making our lives easier. One such example is the Teo Bluetooth padlock, which is promoted as the world’s very first keyless padlock system, that you can open, close, access and share with a simple touch of your iPhone/iPad or the Android counterparts.

    TEO is currently seeking to obtain $165,000 with their crowdfunding project on Kickstarter. With a brave purpose of changing the future of the padlock, Teo is an electronic padlock that accepts digital keys blasted over a Bluetooth Low Energy connection from a smartphone, tablet, or other BLE-enabled device.

    The concept is indeed very interesting and at the moment, Gord Duncan, the founder, and his team, have already managed to gather more than $40,000 and with almost two months until the funding ends, it’s quite possible that this will be a successful project that will transform into a commercial product. So, if you like the product, you can pledge $79 to get a steel-colored TEO lock. The price will likely go up once the product gets officially launched.

    Source: iPhoneforums, KickStarter
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