SoundJaw Unlimited Enhances Your iPad/iPhone Sound

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    Quite some time back now on we featured a Kickstarter project from Matthew McLachlan called the SoundJaw, a handy little gadget that was designed with the purpose of enhancing the sound from your iPad speaker. The initial project went so well that Matthew has now developed the SoundJaw Unlimited, and you can find out more about the project at the link at the bottom of this post. The new SoundJaw Unlimited can fit the iPhone as well as the iPad, and is smaller and more versatile, as well as being able to fit more devices, due to its spring-loaded grips. It even fits over your iPad case or SmartCover. As with the first SoundJaw, the Unlimited version works by simply clipping onto the back of your iPad or iPhone, so that it covers the speaker, and can then amplify the sound from the speaker. And because the new SoundJaw has a larger mouth, it can amplify the sound even more. Looks like Matthew’s onto another winner!

    Source: SoundJaw Unlimited-Sound Enhancer For iPad, iPhone, Etc... by Matthew McLachlan — Kickstarter
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