Screen turn on using smart cover?

Discussion in 'iPad Mini Forum' started by jcaswell, Oct 21, 2015.

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    I have recently replaced my old iPad Mini with an iPad Mini 4, and I am sure that the screen control using the Smart Cover is different between the two. I seem to remember on the old machine that the screen would turn off when the cover was closed and would turn on when the cover was rolled back. With the 4 this latter action does not happen - when I open the cover the screen does not turn on and I have to press the button.

    Can I control this so that the screen does turn on when opening the cover. It is frustrating to have to carry out extra actions.

    Or is this something to do with the fingerprint recognition? I realise that I may have to put in a password or use the fingerprint recognition to gain access - I just want the screen to turn on automatically
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    It's likely to be the fingerprint recognition facility, if you had set it up to work, or if the Apple store had set that up for you You only need to put in your fingerprint recognition password at the start and use your finger print from then on to power up. You will only again need that password if you reset or update your iPad with the latest iOS.
    I find it a great thing to use. And remember you don't have to record one fingerprint. You can set up a forefinger or/plus a thumb and those at different angles of holding the iPad, or the fingerprint of another person if they are going to use it. I love it:)

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