Rumour: Apple to Use IGZO Displays in Next iPads

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    iDownload Blog writes today that an LG Display official has apparently leaked the news that Apple is planning to use oxide LCD, a.k.a. IGZO displays, in a forthcoming 12.9-inch iPad.

    IGZO displays are very power-friendly, using much less power than the current iPad’s LCD IPS screens, yet they are also able to render vibrant colours and deeper blacks with high colour saturation and rapid response times. IGZO is semiconducting, and is made of indium, gallium, zinc, and oxygen.

    According to this new rumour, which is said to be straight from an LG Display insider, LG Display intends to increase its production capacity to 21,000 units of oxide TFT sheets per month, equalling Sharp’s IGZO production levels, in order to meet the anticipated demand from Apple for its new 12.9-inch iPad. And in the second quarter of 2016, LG Display is set to increase its production rate by an extra 20,000 sheets.

    Aside from LG Display and Sharp, Samsung Display is also said to be supplying Apple with IGZO panels for its new iPads.


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