Success of New iPad Puts IGZO Screens in High Demand

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    Digitimes reports that the success of the latest iPad has lead to a greatly increased demand for IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) panels. Digitimes says that according to industry sources, panel makers are starting to shift their focus to IGZO technology, as it is able to provide LCD screens with lower energy consumption thanks to its smaller, thin-film transistors (TFTs) and greater pixel transparency. Digitimes says that the technology also has higher electron mobility, enabling more current to pass through the TFTs, and therefore bringing more illumination capabilities. Digitimes notes that by focusing on producing IGZO panels, as well as similar types of panels, such as LTPS, AMOLED, and flexible displays, they are increasing demand for these new technologies, which could provoke a price war among the panel makers. The report goes on to say that panel makers are expected to start either creating new product lines or changing their existing product lines to IGZO by the end of 2012. Digitimes also says that in June, Sharp shipped around 100, 000 IGZO panels, with that figure expected to rise to 200,000 in July. Sharp will also be expanding its IGZO panel production by building a new plant in Guishan, southern China, doubtless to compete with the current demand.

    Source: IGZO to become focus for panel makers

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