Rock Show Concert Posters the Perfect Fit for iPad

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Mar 20, 2010.

By iDan on Mar 20, 2010 at 9:18 AM
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    One really interesting aspect of these heady few weeks before the iPad goes on sale is seeing all the different ways in which companies and developers are using their imagination to tap into its potential. For example, the large, and by all accounts gorgeous, screen obviously lends itself to being the perfect medium for displaying art, much more so than the smaller iPhone/iPod touch.

    Digital media company Neutrinos has already picked up on the iPad’s potential in this area, and in particular the displaying of limited edition concert posters, which it intends to market through its Rock Shop app. Aside from displaying the artwork from the limited edition posters and enabling the user to directly purchase the physical poster, often from the creator or design studio themselves, the app will provide quick links to Wikipedia and the iTunes Store to enable users to find out more about the featured music artists. This is what Matt Tuzzolo, Senior Developer at Neutrinos, had to say about Rock Show:
    Rock Show will be available as a free download from the iTunes iPad App Store following Apple’s application approval process. Visit Rock Show to sign up for more information.

    By Maura Sutton


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Mar 20, 2010.

    1. JohnnyApple
      Should also offer the posters as a wallpaper for the iPad.
    2. Isaac Newton
      Isaac Newton
      (Grin)...I saw this earlier online. Seems we are all thirsty for all things iPad! I blaze through Bing, Dog pile & Google for ipad news to quench my thirst often (besides ipad forums of course).

      Thanks for posting it iDan. Re-affirms my reasons for joining the forum...I wanted a one-stop info source of items/helpful tidbits found by my peers!

      Big karma & Be Ez
    3. iVan
      Agreed that the iPad will be a great support for artwork, but for showing it? I can get a digital frame for a third the price.

      The iPad will be a great support in an other way, with Brushes. That's the way I always wanted to work, with my fingers. Working with a mouse is like drawing with a bar of soap and I could never find a stylus that I liked. The Touch interface is the next step towards the 3D interface...

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