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    The RP-PB07 is a rechargeable 10,400mAh Li-Polymer battery unit that can then be used to charge a slave device connected to it via USB. Included in the package is the RP-PB07 External Battery, two coiled USB to micro USB cables, user manual and travel pouch. Due to this having two full sized USB ports, you can use any USB cable suitable for your device.

    The RAVPower is about the size of a portable 2.5" USB drive and has a sleek and stylish finish. It feels sturdy in the hand, in part due to the weight of the internal battery and also thanks to the good construction on offer. The unit does have a smooth all over finish though so be wary of placing this somewhere it may slide.
    It features a power button and four LEDs on the top to indicate remaining power. On the end it has two full sized USB ports as well as a central micro USB port for recharging. It takes around 13 hours to fully recharge the unit from empty. There is no supplied charger but the included cable or indeed any other micro USB cable can be used in connection with any USB source.

    From a full charge, 10,400 mAh of portable power is on offer. To put this in an IOS perspective, an iPhone 5 rated @ 1,440 mAh could be fully charged almost 7 times. An iPad mini @ 4,490 mAh could be charged twice while the retina version @ 6,471 mAh could be charged 1.5 times. The full sized iPad Air @ 8,820mAh can be fully charged with a little to spare. This power bank features both a 2A & 1A USB port, the former of which is perfect for the more power hungry iPad and you can continue to work on the iPad while it is charging. Two devices can also be charged simultaneously for a combined output of 3A which makes this a flexible performer. One thing I did note during my testing was that regardless of what device you are charging or even if you are recharging the RAVPower itself, it remained cool at all times with no sign of heating up. This is a welcome bonus when it comes to portable devices and batteries.

    For me, travelling with my usual compliment of gadgets makes a product like a power bank a sensible purchase. All my portable gadgets from phones, tablets, music player, ebook reader and camera can be charged via USB and having the ability to do this when away from a fixed power source gives real peace of mind. The RAVPower RP-PB07 delivers a high power capacity and flexibility of dual charging in a portable and well priced package. This is available for around £20 @

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