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    I have iPad Air 2 with latest iOS. I got a Panasomic Lumix Camera and I shot photos in RAW format. And I want watch them on iPad. In outdoor I take photos and view them on iPad - I got SD Card Reader for iPad. Photos are in format name.rw2. And those rw2 files I want to view on iPad. I don't like built-in photo app in iPad, because I manage my photos by folders, I don't like proprietary libraries (just look at recently discontinued Aperture).

    So I'am finding good application for iPad for:

    Managing photos by folders
    Full support for iMazing (because File Sharing on iTunes does not allows folders)
    "Open with..." feature in both ways (it means I can copy photo from another app in iPad and vice versa)
    Viewing metadata could help, but not required, I have Investigator extension
    View photos thubnails on map


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