novice music sync and i tune probs - pls help

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    Hi sorry to bug you with what is likely to be basic stuff but - I've tried the step by step instructions and continue to have the same problems

    1. When loading i tunes from my computer's music library, everything is rearranged so that it is no longer in albumns etc but is now listed by artist and song - don't seem to be able to change the view.
    - Is it possible to retain the layout of my library in the transfer to i tunes
    - and then to i pad 2.

    2. Despite changing settings to 'only transfer songs and/or albums that are ticked' and also trying 'manage manually' the i pad2 attempts to sync the moment it is plugged in to the computer then fails because there are not enough gigs spare
    -How do I get around this problem

    Simply wish to copy music from computer library to i pad 2
    -How do I delete the music that has already managed to sync on to the i pad 2.

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