Putty on my Ipad?

Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by Psunate77, Feb 4, 2012.

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    I am using my PC to connect to my Ipad using Putty, but I have never put a password for my Ipad. I know the name is your Ipad's username, but how do you get the password to connect?

  2. Mickey330

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    The password on an iPad is "alpine."

    I am assuming you are jail broken and are using Putty with OpenSSH. In any case - change that password (using Putty) to one of your own choosing! That's because it's common knowledge that the password is alpine. Your system is at risk as long as you have OpenSSH installed and the standard passwords (root and mobile)!

    To change the password using Putty from your computer (or the Mobile Terminal app from Cydia):

    1) At the prompt, in command line mode, type su root. Then press return/enter.

    2) Then type the default password, alpine, then press enter (do note this process is case-sensitive, uppercase is not the same as lowercase)

    3) Now type passwd - press enter

    4) Input your new password (you'll be asked to enter it twice)

    5) Now, enter passwd mobile and enter a new mobile password (again, you'll enter it twice)

    Once that's done, you can exit out of the terminal.

    Apologies if you knew this. I just want to stress that, for ANYONE who puts OpenSSH on their jailbroken iPad - change the default password for security's sake.


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