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Problems Updating my iPad in iTunes

Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by jknotts66, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. jknotts66

    jknotts66 iPF Noob

    Apr 23, 2011
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    I know I should have updated my iPad 2 when I first got it but failed to do so because it was working so well. However, I decided to upgrade it yesterday and got myself into a mess. For some reason iTunes put me in iphotos and I had a screen full of all my iPhotos pixs. I couldn't get to DEVICES to make any choices as to what or when to sync or anything else. Can you help me out with this issue? BTW the iPad seems to be working just fine for me but I'm dumb as all h.....l about this stuff. My desktop is a new MAC. I also get a message telling me that iTunes recommends that I transfer two items to my library. (I don't knot how to do that)
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  2. twerppoet

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    Jan 8, 2011
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    In reverse order.

    To transfer purchases; first connect your iPad to the computer, then right click on it in the Devices list (left column) in iTunes. Choose Transfer Purchases.

    To update; when the iPad is connected, in iTunes select the iPad from the left column then choose the Summary page from the top (you are probably already there). There will be a check for Updates option. Click on this. It will offer you an download and update, or download only option. I recommend download only.

    Once it starts downloading (if you chose the download only option) you can unplug the iPad and do whatever until it finishes.

    After the download is successful, connect your iPad again. iTunes should show the Update available on the Summary page. Go ahead and start the update. There will be progress bars on both the iPad and computer Do not disconnect your iPad from the computer until it is finished, and the iPad shows a normal lock screen.

    Wa La, you're done.

    I recommend you reset the iPad after the update.

    Reset: Hold down the power and home buttons until the Apple logo appears. The iPad will reboot. This usually takes a bit longer than a restart.

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