Problem...not finding drive when syncing

Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by MacClanIII, Apr 18, 2011.

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    Has anyone ever heard of this? I keep getting an error message when I sync the ipad2 to my itunes. I called tech support and they had me try everything including hard restore and creating a new itunes account to test the ipad2 out. Kept getting error message. Finally I said to the tech person I am going to try using a different USB port on my pc. This worked...I was able to sync to iTunes. I tried it the next day and again got the error message. I switched USB ports and this time it didn't work. I restarted the pc and then it worked.

    Should I call support back and ask for a replacement? They were ready to send me one after I mail mine in. Of course i would have to wait two weeks or more to get a replacement. Is there anyone who may know what is causing my ipad2 to not sync on a consistent and reliable manner? I have an alienware aurora that is brand new. I have tried the USB ports on the front and the back...has worked on both and has given me an error message on both. When iTunes sync results in an error message that says it can't fine the drive this something that warrants replacement of the ipad2?

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