Mac Writing App Ulysses Arrives on iOS

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    MacRumors reports that the first universal Ulysses app has arrived in the App Store today, complete with cross-platform iCloud synchronization, Spotlight integration, iPad Pro features, and 3D Touch support, as well as Split View and Slide Over for compatible devices.

    The new update also brings with it many of the main features of the popular desktop version of the app, including dark and light writing modes, text stats., writing goals, Markdown tools, footnotes, code, annotations, and sort/split/merge options for sheet and groups.

    With the launch of the app for iOS, iPad and iPhone users can now customise their text with pictures, links, or notes, as well as change the colour palette and export files from Ulysses’ unified text library, with several different formats to choose from, including DOCX files, e-books, PDFs and the Medium online publishing platform.

    The new iOS version even includes automatic scheduled backups, as well as a sharing extension that enables you to send content from third-party apps to Ulysses.

    You can download Ulysses Mobile from the App Store for an introductory price of $19.99 for a short period of time, after which it will revert to the full price of $24.99. The Mac version costs $44.99.

    Click here to download: Ulysses Mobile on the App Store

    Source: Popular Mac Writing App 'Ulysses' Makes iPhone Debut
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