Popular Gameboy Advance Emulator for iOS is Available Again With no Jailbreak Required

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    Play old Nintendo or Gamebody games on your iPhone, iPad is something real classy, but it seems that Apple doesn't like this idea that much. Gameboy Advance Emulator for iOS has been described by many as an excellent Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance emulator for the iPhone and iPad.

    What made it so great is that there was no jailbreak required, allowing everybody to install it on their iDevice. However, once Apple released iOS 8.1, things change, and it wasn't as easy to install GBA4iOS on iPhones or iPads. In the latest iOS 8 version, Apple made it impossible to use the game without a jailbreak but now GBA4iOS developer Riley Testut said that GBA4iOS 2.1 Open Beta is now available from iEmulators.com.

    This means that GBA4iOS is back, it works on iOS 8.1, and there’s still no jailbreak required. Here's what he said:

    Testut is also submitting GBA4iOS to Cydia, so this means that even if Apple manages to lock GBA4iOS off of non-jailbroken devices forever, jailbreakers will be able to install it on their Apple devices.

    Source: iEmulators

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