Playing a click-track live with iPad L and R streams

Discussion in 'iPad for Musicians' started by JakariFlynn, Jun 22, 2013.

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    Hi, forum.

    Right I'm in a band and we're looking to begin playing with synth and therefore click tracks, which I want to control from my iPad [this is just for the simple reason I can't afford a laptop for stage and if I could get this working it would be very space efficient with already a lot of kit on stage and in the van.] Anyway, I was thinking, create all our samples and synth in whatever software then placing a click track hard left which would be sent to the drummer, and keeping hard right clean of the click which would be sent to front of house, this would all be done from a bounced mp3 which I'd just trigger from my iPads iTunes. So far I'm thinking I could take a jack to L-R phono out of the iPad so the tracks are separated, but then what would I need to do to get left and right audio to said destinations of drummer and front of house? Any thoughts?

    This is just a brain wave I'm having, but I think it could work providing I complete the connection because we're not looking to play live synth and because I'm not live in software there would be less chance of crashing or system overloads.

    Thank you. I could be talking crap.

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