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    [ame=]YouTube - iSwifter demo[/ame]​

    You could soon be playing your favourite Flash games on your iPad or other iOS device courtesy of a new app called iSwifter from a company called YouWeb. According to a story on Network World today, iSwifter is the first cloud-based service for streaming Flash games that has been developed specifically for smartphones and tablets, and the iSwifter iPad app uses the iSwifter Flash game streaming service to bring the most popular casual and social Flash games from the web to your iPad. YouWeb says that iSwifter, which currently only works via Wi-Fi, supports any gaming portal, including Facebook, Yahoo! Games, AOL Games, and many more.

    I can see this being a very popular service if they can manage to get the streaming right (there are currently quite a few negative comments on the App Store about the excessive lagging), as web-based Flash games are so popular, particularly on sites such as Kongregate and Facebook, and I'm sure many iPad owners will really love the idea of being able to stream the games directly to their iPads. YouWeb promises that an update is imminent, which will greatly improve performance, so definitely one to watch!

    You can download the free iSwifter iPad app here.

    Source: Network World, YouWeb

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