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PhysOrg.com News Comes to iPad

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by 4phun, Apr 20, 2010.

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    PhysOrg.com News Lite HD 1.0
    Category: News
    Price: Free, Version: 1.0 (iTunes)

    [​IMG] Description:

    iPad Version!

    The Lite version features daily "spotlight" science and technology news stories from PHYSorg.com. Read our most popular content anywhere and anytime.

    This includes stories in the fields of physics, earth science, medicine, nanotechnology, electronics, space, biology, chemistry, computer sciences, engineering, mathematics and stories you will not see anywhere else.

    Readers may rate, bookmark and share favorite stories via Twitter or email directly from the app.


    - bookmark favorite stories;
    - rate stories from the app;
    - send to twitter, bacebook, or via email;
    - read in offline mode.

    The PHYSorg app is ads-free.

    PhysOrg.com News Lite HD

    PhysOrg is a popular science, research and technology news website specializing in the hard science subjects of physics, space and earth science, biology, chemistry, electronics, nanotechnology and technology in general. It is known for timely updates of scientific breakthroughs and press releases from major research labs and universities across the world. Occasionally they also publish comprehensive articles on new peer reviewed papers. It has been online since 25 March 2004.


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