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By iDan on Apr 4, 2010 at 9:04 AM
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    Popular Science has released a new digital iPad edition of their magazine. This new version features an intuitive navigation that lets you effortlessly explore each issue. Activate "looking" mode, and vibrant photos fill the screen; tap again for "reading" mode to dive into a story. It’s the latest in science and technology, brought to life on-screen. The current issue (April 2010) is available for $4.99 through the app store using this link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/popular-science/id364049283?mt=8.

    Some of the features include:

    • Easy swiping navigation that makes it a snap to explore an issue
    • Unique browse mode that lets you focus exclusively on the magazine's bold, beautiful images
    • Two ways to jump quickly between sections: from the pop-up contents panel or with a simple two-finger swipe
    • Works in landscape or portrait mode—hold the device however you like
    • Uncompromised offline reading—download once, and the whole issue is on your iPad for as long as you want it
    • In-app store for buying future issues
    • Library for storing all your back issues
    After the jump, check out a video from the designers of the app.


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Apr 4, 2010.

    1. iDan
      [ame=http://vimeo.com/10630568]Mag+ live with Popular Science+ on Vimeo[/ame]
    2. CGPanama
      I downloaded this yesterday, and think it is the perfect example of rethinking content for the 21st century. Unlike a lot of the magazines that are appearing with iPad versions today (glorified PDFs), it is truly a new experience that is both immersive and tactile. Of course it helps if the content is something you are all ready interested in (as I am with Popular Science). I've occasionally picked up copies of their paper magazine before with interest, but have never been a subscriber. Now I am seriously considering a subscription on the iPad.
    3. iVan
      This is a great idea but it went unplanned.

      Let me explain. Several years ago, ebooks went in the market with each reader hardware having its own software platform until EPUB came along. We called it eBabel then.

      I fear that each major magazine will have its own reading software and that sucks. THERE SHOULD BE A STANDARD!!!
    4. CGPanama

      I agree. One of my disappointments with the iPad announcement was that it did not include a specific format similar to the iTunes LP concept that used HTML5 for newspapers and magazines that could be available directly through the iBookStore. I would have preferred to see these magazines appear on my bookshelf right next to my books. And be able to access them all from one icon.

      All ready there are dozens of "magazines" and "newspapers" available as individual app purchases and subscriptions in the app store.

      That said, Popular Science is the first to show that they at least get the presentation of content on the iPad. I also liked the preview that was available on youTube for Viv (I think that was its name) magazine. Though I am less likely to ever subscribe to that mag, at least I would be interested in picking up a copy to see what it is about.
    5. Edlex
      I am a subscriber to the paper magazine and it costs me under $20 a yr. It's a little pricey at $4.99 an issue considering they have a website with all their multimedia content. I don't think the current price is sustainable.
    6. iVan
      But you have to buy the app first. Does it at least come with a few editions?
    7. dks
      I agree, this is wonderful... & what I think the publishing industry will need to grow toward. I used to have a subscription to this mag & may start reading it again.

      I am also looking toward seeing something like this for art mags... Painter, Digital Artist, Photoshop, etc... (the normal walk-through demonstrations on 'how-to's' could be fantastic)

      The publishing arena is where artists will see large new opportunities for creative work... not only in layout & design... but also illustrating & painting... it will hopefully develop to where even regular paperbacks could be illustrated w/ artist renderings sprinkled throughout.
    8. dks
      I also agree that mags should appear in the bookstore!

      4.99 is pricey for that particular mag... but then again, when I purchase Painter or Photoshop mags they run a horrible $15 or more each... but then they also come with a cd full of extra brushes, tutorials, etc...
    9. CGPanama
      Yes, cost is the one factor that might keep me from subscribing. The initial $4.99 was a flier for me. And it does only include the first issue (April 2010). I will wait and see what the subscription rate will be to decide if it is worth the cost. All though I am will to pay a premium for this type of content for the iPad (value added), which is unlike most eBooks which are truly digital translations of the paper content. For me, in the case of eBooks, it should cost less as there is minimal production cost.

      But for a magazine that is truly a new experience, rather than a "Print to PDF" version of the hard copy, I recognize the value of the work that went into this issue and would pay to receive that level of sustained quality.

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